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  • Sammy Spider's Shabbat Fun BookSammy Spider's Shabbat Fun Book

    Rouss. Sylvia.

  • ChroniclesChronicles

    Dylan, Bob, 1941-

    "I'd come from a long ways off and had started a long ways down. But now destiny was about to manifest itself. I felt like it was looking right at me and nobody else." So writes Bob Dylan in Chronicles: Volume One, his remarkable book exploring critical junctures in his life and career. Through Dylan's eyes and open mind, we see Greenwich Village, circa 1961, when he first arrives in Manhattan. Dylan's New York is a magical city of possibilities--smoky, nightlong parties; literary awakenings; transient loves and unbreakable friendships. Elegiac observations are punctuated by jabs of memories, penetrating and tough. With the book's side trips to New Orleans, Woodstock, Minnesota and points west, Chronicles: Volume One is an intimate and intensely personal recollection of extraordinary times. By turns revealing, poetical, passionate and witty, Chronicles: Volume One is a mesmerizing window on Bob Dylan's thoughts and influences. Dylan's voice is distinctively American: generous of spirit, engaged, fanciful and rhythmic. Utilizing his unparalleled gifts of storytelling and the exquisite expressiveness that are the hallmarks of his music, Bob Dylan turns Chronicles: Volume One into a poignant reflection on life, and the people and places that helped shape the man and the art [Publisher description].

  • Sadie's Lag Ba'omer mysterySadie's Lag Ba'omer mystery

    Korngold, Jamie S.

    "Sadie and her brother Ori want to learn about the Jewish holiday Lag Ba'Omer"--

  • Ziggy's big ideaZiggy's big idea

    Long, Ilana.

    Ziggy is a little boy with a lot of big ideas that have not turned out well, but when Moishe the baker asks him to find a way to make boiled buns that are not undercooked in the center Ziggy is up for the challenge.

  • Shmulik paints the townShmulik paints the town

    Rose, Lisa.

    "Shmulik, a town artist, is commissioned to paint a mural for Yom Ha'atzma'ut but can't think of what to paint. Luckily, he gets some help from an unlikely collaborator - his dog!"--

  • Under the Sabbath lampUnder the Sabbath lamp

    Herman, Michael, 1964-

    "Izzy and Olivia Bloom tell their Shabbat guests the story of their Sabbath lamp, which Izzy's great-great-great grandfather and his family brought piece-by-piece when the immigrated to America"--Provided by publisher.

  • Bubbe's belated bat mitzvahBubbe's belated bat mitzvah

    Pinson, Isabel.

    With encouragement and Torah lessons from her great-granddaughter, Bubbie has a bat mitzvah.

  • New month, new moonNew month, new moon

    Ofanansky, Allison, author.

    To celebrate Rosh Chodesh, the beginning of a new month in the Jewish calendar, a family camps out in the desert and learns about the phases of the moon and their relationship to the Jewish calendar. A photo essay.

  • Jodie's Shabbat surpriseJodie's Shabbat surprise

    Levine, Anna (Anna Yaphe), author.

    During their Shabbat walk in the park, Jodie and her dog Digger find the perfect birthday present for her archaeologist father.

  • Naming GodNaming God : avinu malkeinu-our father, our king

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Popular Titles

  • All-of-a-Kind Family HanukkahAll-of-a-Kind Family Hanukkah

    Jenkins, Emily/ Zelinsky, Paul O. (ILT)

  • The new American JudaismThe new American Judaism : how Jews practice their religion today

    Wertheimer, Jack, author.

    A leading expert provides an engaging firsthand portrait of American Judaism today-American Judaism has been buffeted by massive social upheavals in recent decades. Like other religions in the United States, it has witnessed a decline in the number of participants over the past forty years, and many who remain active struggle to reconcile their hallowed traditions with new perspectives--from feminism and the LGBTQ movement to "do-it-yourself religion" and personally defined spirituality. Taking a fresh look at American Judaism today, Jack Wertheimer, a leading authority on the subject, sets out to discover how Jews of various orientations practice their religion in this radically altered landscape. Which observances still resonate, and which ones have been given new meaning? What options are available for seekers or those dissatisfied with conventional forms of Judaism? And how are synagogues responding? Wertheimer provides new and often-surprising answers to these questions by drawing on a wide range of sources, including survey data, visits to countless synagogues, and revealing interviews with more than two hundred rabbis and other informed observers.

  • (((Semitism)))(((Semitism))) : being Jewish in America in the age of Trump

    Weisman, Jonathan, author.

    "A short, literary, powerful contemplation on how Jews are viewed in America since the election of Donald J. Trump, and how we can move forward to fight anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism has always been present in American culture, but with the rise of the Alt Right and an uptick of threats to Jewish communities since Trump took office, New York Times editor Jonathan Weisman has produced a book that could not be more important or timely. When Weisman was attacked on Twitter by a wave of neo-Nazis and anti-Semites, witnessing tropes such as the Jew as a leftist anarchist; as a rapacious, Wall Street profiteer; and as a money-bags financier orchestrating war for Israel, he stopped to wonder: How has the Jewish experience changed, especially under a leader like Donald Trump? In (((Semitism))), Weisman will explore the disconnect between his own sense of Jewish identity and the expectations of his detractors and supporters. He will delve into the rise of the Alt Right, their roots in older anti-Semitic organizations, the odd ancientness of their grievances--cloaked as they are in contemporary, techy hipsterism--and their aims--to spread hate in a palatable way through a political structure that has so suddenly become tolerant of their views. He will conclude with what we should do next, realizing that vicious as it is, anti-Semitism must be seen through the lens of more pressing threats. He proposes a unification of American Judaism around the defense of self and of others even more vulnerable: the undocumented immigrants, refugees, Muslim Americans, and black activists who have been directly targeted, not just by the tolerated Alt Right, but by the Trump White House itself"--

  • The chosen warsThe chosen wars : how Judaism became an American religion

    Weisman, Steven R., author.

    "The Chosen Wars tells the dramatic story of how Judaism redefined itself in America in the 18th and 19th centuries--the personalities that fought each other and shaped its evolution and, importantly, the force of the American dynamic that prevailed over an ancient religion. The struggles that led to a radical redefinition of Judaism illuminate the larger American experience. The transformation of the religion and culture of Judaism is a striking example. The story begins with the arrival of the first Jews in New Amsterdam and stretches the length of the nineteenth century as massive immigration take place and into the twentieth. First there was the practical matter of earning a living. Many immigrants traveled as peddlers from community to community where there were no kosher butchers. Doctrine was put aside. Then, determined to take their places as equals in the young nation, American Jews rejected identity as a separate nation and embraced a secular America. Judaism became an American religion. The changes did not come without argument, and Weisman tells the stories of the colorful rabbis and activists, including women, who would ultimately define American Judaism, and its divisions of Reform, Conservative and Orthodox which remain today: Rabbi Isaac Wise; Mordecai Manuel Noah; Moses Mendelssohn; Rebecca Gratz; Isaac Leeser are some of the major figures. The Chosen Wars is the important story of how Judaism enhanced America, and how America inspired Judaism"--

  • The immortalistsThe immortalists

    Benjamin, Chloe, author.

  • The Ruined HouseThe Ruined House : A Novel

    Namdar, Ruby, 1964-, author.

    Andrew P. Cohen, a successful NYU professor of comparative culture, is suddenly plagued with strange and inexplicable visions of an ancient religious ritual. As his superficially perfect world begins to unravel, he is forced to question his beliefs. Interspersed throughout the novel are pages from an ancient (pseudo)Talmudic text, harking back to the golden age of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Hidden in this frenzied, semi-opaque other narrative lies the mysterious key to understanding the drama of Andrew's life.

  • Waking lionsWaking lions

    Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet, 1982-, author.

  • MoonglowMoonglow : a novel

    Chabon, Michael, author.

  • Where is baby's dreidel?Where is baby's dreidel? : a lift-the-flap book

    Katz, Karen.

  • The Latke who couldn't stop screamingThe Latke who couldn't stop screaming : A christmas story

    Snicket, Lemony.

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