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  • Yes to lifeYes to life : in spite of everything

    Frankl, Viktor E. (Viktor Emil), 1905-1997, author

    "Eleven months after his liberation from Auschwitz, Viktor E. Frankl held a series of public lectures in Vienna, published here for the first time. The psychologist, who was to become world famous, explained his central thoughts on meaning, resilience and the importance of embracing life even in the face of great adversity"--

  • The fixed starsThe fixed stars

    Wizenberg, Molly, author.

    A best-selling memoirist describes how, as a married woman with a toddler, she found herself drawn to a female attorney during jury duty and began to question her identity and desires and let go of ideals that no longer fit.

  • The Lady of Hebrew and her lovers of ZionThe Lady of Hebrew and her lovers of Zion

    Halkin, Hillel.

  • The brothers 0f AuschwitzThe brothers 0f Auschwitz

    Adler, Malka.

  • Judaism's Life-Changing ideasJudaism's Life-Changing ideas

    Sacks, Rabbi Jonathan.

  • The happiness prayerThe happiness prayer : ancient Jewish wisdom for the best way to live today

    Moffic, Evan, 1978-, author.

    "At age 30 Evan Moffic became the leader of a large congregation. He had great success. But he couldn't find happiness. Then he found a 2000-year-old prayer. In it were hidden elements of Jewish wisdom. They became a part of his life and those of his congregation and transformed them and him. In the tradition of Rabbi Harold Kushner, Moffic opens up wisdom that has been at the heart Judaism for thousands of years. He distills the "Eilu Devarim" an ancient prayer for happiness found in the Talmud into ten practices that empower us to thrive through setbacks, so nothing can hamper our happiness. The ten practices are simple: Honor Those Who Gave You Life, Be Kind, Keep Learning, Invite Others into Your Life, Be There When Others Need You, Celebrate Good Times, Support Yourself and Others During Times of Loss, Pray with Intention, Forgive, and Look Inside and Commit. The rabbi unpacks these practices of the 2000-year-old prayer with insights for today, that will help you find ways to live with greater happiness and meaning. He draws from interactions with thousands of congregants, as well as his own experience. His conclusion that these actions bring happiness is corroborated by science: people who conduct authentic lives of faith live, on average, seven years longer than others, have more friends and are healthier. Filled with relatable stories of real people, accessible commentary from contemporary psychologists, and warm humor, this rabbi of a new generation sheds light on an enduring prayer that captures the means and meaning of joyous living that will appeal to everyone"--

  • The book of lost namesThe book of lost names

    Harmel, Kristin, author.

    Escaping from Paris in 1942 after the arrest of her father, a Polish Jew, a graduate student finds refuge in a small mountain town, where she forges identity documents to help hundreds of Jewish children flee the Nazis.

  • Click, clack, mooClick, clack, moo : cows that type

    Cronin, Doreen, author.

    Farmer Brown has a problem. His cows like to type. All day long he hears, click, clack, moo. Click, clack, moo. Click, clack, moo. But Farmer Brown's problems REALLY begin when his cows start leaving him notes.

  • The memory monsterThe memory monster

    Sarid, Yishai, author.

    "The narrator of Yishai Sarid's powerful novel is a young, initially reluctant Holocaust scholar working at Yad Vashem, Israel's memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. A diligent historian, he soon becomes a leading expert on Nazi methods of extermination at concentration camps in Poland during World War II, and guides tours through the camps for students and visiting dignitaries. He hungrily devours every detail of life and death in the camps and takes pride in being able to recreate for his audience the excruciating last moments of the victims' lives, and the process by which enslaved Jews were forced to dispose of the remains. The job becomes a mission, and then an addiction. Spending so much time immersed in death, his connections with the living begin to deteriorate. He resents the students lost in their iPhones, singing sentimental songs, not expressing sufficient outrage at the mass murder committed by the Germans. In fact, he even begins to detect, in the students as well as himself, a hint of admiration for the murderers-their efficiency, audacity, and determination. Force is the only way to resist force, he comes to think, and one must be prepared to kill. Reminiscent of Kafka's The Trial and Delillo's White Noise, The Memory Monster takes a hard look at difficult truths: What turns human beings into killers? How do we process human brutality? And how do we honor the memory of horror without becoming consumed by it?"--

  • FasterFaster : how a Jewish driver, an American heiress, and a legendary car beat Hitler's best

    Bascomb, Neal, author.

    "For fans of Boys in the Boat and In the Garden of Beasts, the pulse-pounding story of how a Jewish race car driver and an American speed queen triumphed over Hitler's fearsome Silver Arrows on the eve of World War II"--

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