The Thomashefskys : Music and Memories of a Life in the Yiddis Theater

2012 : Thomashefsky Film Project.


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Donated by: Sidney Stern Memorial Trust.


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1 copy available at Temple Emanu-El

Field Ind Subfield Data
001 Control No     4145
005 LastTransaction     20180531055819.0
020 ISBN   $a ISBN  978-1-42291853-1
028 Publisher No   $a Publisher number  Thomas, Michael Tilson
    $b Source  WNET
245 Title $a Title  The Thomashefskys :
    $b Remainder of title  Music and Memories of a Life in the Yiddis Theater /
    $c Statement of responsibility  Michael Tilsen Thomas
    $h Medium  [DVD].
260 PublicationInfo   $c Date of publication, dist, etc  2012 :
    $b Name of publisher, dist, etc  Thomashefsky Film Project.
300 Physical Desc   $a Extent  1.
541 Acq Source Note   $a Source of acquisition  Sidney Stern Memorial Trust.
650 Subj:Topic   $a Topical term  Yiddish Theater
650 Subj:Topic   $a Topical term  Documentary.
852 Holdings   $a Location  TE
    $p Barcode  4488
    $9 Cost  $0.00
    $h Classification part  DVD 51

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