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  • Yearning to Return: reflections on Yom Ki[ppurYearning to Return: reflections on Yom Ki[ppur

    Mizrachi, Yemima Rabbanit.

  • The lost shtetlThe lost shtetl : a novel

    Gross, Max, author.

    "What if there was a town that Hitler missed? For over fifty years the tiny Jewish shtetl of Kreskol has existed virtually untouched and unchanged. Spared of the Holocaust and Cold War, Kreskol has enjoyed an isolated peace. But when a marriage dispute spirals out of control, Kreskol is suddenly rediscovered and brought into the 21st Century. Pesha is in a loveless, arranged marriage and summons the courage to escape Kreskol on foot. But when her husband goes after her, panicked town leaders (protecting secrets of their own) send a woefully unprepared young man out to bring them home. The orphaned outcast named Yankel-unlearned, functionally illiterate (his Yiddish is useless to the modern-day outside world), and tagged with an inconceivable origin story-soon finds himself in the care of a psych ward. But when the truth comes out about his origins, his name is splashed across the covers of Polish newspapers. Ready or not, Poland commits to returning Yankel to Kreskol, and reintegrating the town that time forgot. In the course of doing so, the devious origins of the town's disappearance come into the light. And what has become of those runaways? Kreskol, torn asunder by disagreement between those embracing change and those clinging to its old world ways, may soon be forced to make a choice or disappear altogether"--

  • Torah and Taro: Jewish ontributions to HawaiiTorah and Taro: Jewish ontributions to Hawaii

    Sgan, Mathew R.

  • Honey on the PageHoney on the Page : A Treasurey of Yiddish Children's Literature

    Udel, Miriam (EDT)/ Zipes, Jack (FRW)

  • MoralityMorality Restoring the common good in divided times

    Sacks, Jonathan.

    A distinguished religious leader's stirring case for reconstructing a shared framework of virtues and values With liberal democracy embattled, public discourse toxic, family life breaking down, and drug abuse and depression on the rise, many fear what the future holds. In Morality , respected faith leader and public intellectual Jonathan Sacks traces today's crisis to our loss of a strong, shared moral code and our elevation of self-interest over the common good. We have outsourced morality to the market and the state, but neither is capable of showing us how to live. Sacks leads readers from ancient Greece to the Enlightenment to the present day to show that there is no liberty without morality and no freedom without responsibility, arguing that we must all must play our part in rebuilding a common moral foundation. A major work of moral philosophy, Morality is an inspiring vision of a world in which we can all find our place and face the future without fear.

  • ChanceChance : escape from the Holocaust

    Shulevitz, Uri, 1935-, author.

    "The first middle-grade book from a picture book master-a harrowing, heartrending, illustrated account of his childhood escape from the terrors of war"--

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