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  • The Chanukkah GuestThe Chanukkah Guest

    Kimmel, Eric A.

  • Latkes and applesauceLatkes and applesauce

    Manushkin, Fran.

    When a blizzard leaves a family housebound one Hanukkah, they share what little food they have with some starving animals who later return the favor.

  • BelongingBelonging : a German reckons with history and home

    Krug, Nora, author, artist.

  • The land of truthThe land of truth : Talmud tales, timeless teachings

    Rubenstein, Jeffrey L., author.

  • This perfect dayThis perfect day

    Levin, Ira, 1929-2007, author.

    By the author of Rosemary's Baby, a horrifying journey into a future only Ira Levin could imagine.Considered one of the great dystopian novels--alongside Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World--Ira Levin's frightening glimpse into the future continues to fascinate readers even forty years after publication.The story is set in a seemingly perfect global society...

  • The gold of ExodusThe gold of Exodus : the discovery of the true Mount Sinai

    Blum, Howard.

  • Catch the Jew!Catch the Jew!

    Tenenbom, Tuvia.

    Catch the Jew! recounts the adventures of gonzo journalist Tuvia Tenenbom, who wanders around Israel and the Palestinian Authority for seven months in search of the untold truths in today's Holy Land. With holy chutzpah, Tenenbom boldly goes where no Jew has gone before, at times risking his life as he assumes the identities of Tobi the German and even Abu Ali in order to probe into the many stories in this strange land and poke holes in all of them. From the self-hating leftists in Tel Aviv to the self-promoting PLO execs in Ramallah, from the black-clad Haredim of Bet Shemesh to the glowin.

  • Meet the LatkesMeet the Latkes

    Silberberg, Alan, author, illustrator.

    "Lucy Latke's family is a family of potato pancakes. After lighting the menorah and gobbling the gelt, Grandpa Latke tells everyone the Hanukkah story, but it's up to the Latke family dog to set the record straight"--

  • Maimonides in his worldMaimonides in his world : portrait of a Mediterranean thinker

    Stroumsa, Sarah.

  • The trial of Adolf EichmannThe trial of Adolf Eichmann

    Russell of Liverpool, Edward Frederick Langley Rus

    Presents a complete account of the trial of Adolph Eichmann. As such, it presents a detailed exposition of the events leading to the Holocost as well as the tragedy of a man who thought obedience to an order exonerated him from the responsibility for unbelievable crimes.

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Popular Titles

  • Meet the LatkesMeet the Latkes

    Silberberg, Alan, author, illustrator.

    "Lucy Latke's family is a family of potato pancakes. After lighting the menorah and gobbling the gelt, Grandpa Latke tells everyone the Hanukkah story, but it's up to the Latke family dog to set the record straight"--

  • The chosen warsThe chosen wars : how Judaism became an American religion

    Weisman, Steven R., author.

    "The Chosen Wars tells the dramatic story of how Judaism redefined itself in America in the 18th and 19th centuries--the personalities that fought each other and shaped its evolution and, importantly, the force of the American dynamic that prevailed over an ancient religion. The struggles that led to a radical redefinition of Judaism illuminate the larger American experience. The transformation of the religion and culture of Judaism is a striking example. The story begins with the arrival of the first Jews in New Amsterdam and stretches the length of the nineteenth century as massive immigration take place and into the twentieth. First there was the practical matter of earning a living. Many immigrants traveled as peddlers from community to community where there were no kosher butchers. Doctrine was put aside. Then, determined to take their places as equals in the young nation, American Jews rejected identity as a separate nation and embraced a secular America. Judaism became an American religion. The changes did not come without argument, and Weisman tells the stories of the colorful rabbis and activists, including women, who would ultimately define American Judaism, and its divisions of Reform, Conservative and Orthodox which remain today: Rabbi Isaac Wise; Mordecai Manuel Noah; Moses Mendelssohn; Rebecca Gratz; Isaac Leeser are some of the major figures. The Chosen Wars is the important story of how Judaism enhanced America, and how America inspired Judaism"--

  • The Right Thing to Do at the TimeThe Right Thing to Do at the Time

    Zeller, Dov.

    a romantic comedy wrestling between idealism and cynicism.

  • Under the Sabbath lampUnder the Sabbath lamp

    Herman, Michael, 1964-

    "Izzy and Olivia Bloom tell their Shabbat guests the story of their Sabbath lamp, which Izzy's great-great-great grandfather and his family brought piece-by-piece when the immigrated to America"--Provided by publisher.

  • The Ruined HouseThe Ruined House : A Novel

    Namdar, Ruby, 1964-, author.

    Andrew P. Cohen, a successful NYU professor of comparative culture, is suddenly plagued with strange and inexplicable visions of an ancient religious ritual. As his superficially perfect world begins to unravel, he is forced to question his beliefs. Interspersed throughout the novel are pages from an ancient (pseudo)Talmudic text, harking back to the golden age of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem. Hidden in this frenzied, semi-opaque other narrative lies the mysterious key to understanding the drama of Andrew's life.

  • Waking lionsWaking lions

    Gundar-Goshen, Ayelet, 1982-, author.

  • The muralistThe muralist

    Shapiro, Barbara A., 1951-

  • Bubbe's belated bat mitzvahBubbe's belated bat mitzvah

    Pinson, Isabel.

    With encouragement and Torah lessons from her great-granddaughter, Bubbie has a bat mitzvah.

  • Ziggy's big ideaZiggy's big idea

    Long, Ilana.

    Ziggy is a little boy with a lot of big ideas that have not turned out well, but when Moishe the baker asks him to find a way to make boiled buns that are not undercooked in the center Ziggy is up for the challenge.

  • Goatilocks and the three bearsGoatilocks and the three bears

    Perl, Erica S.

    In this version of the classic tale, a hungry goat pays a visit to the home of the three bears.

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